May 22nd, 2017

​Some Much Needed Slang: Part 1

So you bought your dictionary, took your Spanish class and thought you’d call it a day. That might just be enough to get by in Buenos Aires (nobody’s judging), but if you truly want to embrace the Porteño vibe, there’s some much needed slang. At StayUnico we’d love to show you where to start.

​Some Much Needed Slang: Part 1

PORTEÑO/A  (noun/adj.)

Slang Porteño Porteña Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: From the Port
Slang: Locals from Buenos Aires City
Example: El acento porteño es distinto a todos los demás. / The porteño accent is different from all the rest.

LABURO (noun)

Slang Laburo Job Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: From the Italian word lavoro, meaning labor, occupation
Slang: Job
Example: Me encanta mi nuevo laburo. / I really like my new job.

POSTA (noun/adj.)

Slang Posta Baton Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Baton
Slang: Can either mean “honestly” or “the best”, depending on context.
Example "honestly": Esta es la mejor hamburguesa que comí en mi vida, posta. / This is the best burger I´ve had in my life, honestly. 
Example "the best": Este lugar es la posta! / This place is the best!

LOCO (noun)

Slang Loco Crazy Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Crazy
Slang: Man, dude
Example: No loco, no puedo caminar más, comí demasiado asado. / No man, I can’t walk anymore, I ate too much asado.

DIOSA (adj.)

Slang Diosa Beautiful Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Goddess
Slang: Beautiful, stunning woman
Example: Mirala, está muy diosa. / Look at her, she looks stunning.


Slang Agrandado Arrogant Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Oversized
Slang: Arrogant, know-it-all
Example: Es tan agrandado que piensa que el mundo está a sus pies. / He’s so cocky he thinks the world is at his feet.

RATA (noun)

Slang Rata Cheap Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Rat
Slang: penny-pinching, cheap
Example: Por favor no seas rata y deja más propina! / Please don’t be so cheap and leave more tip!

CANA (noun)

Slang Cana Police Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Grey hair
Slang: Policeman
Example: ¿Viste que hay un cana en cada esquina de este barrio? / Did you notice that there’s a policeman in every corner of this neighbourhood?

TACHO (noun)

Slang Tacho Taxi Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: Bin, trash can, garbage
Slang: Cab, taxi
Example: Estoy cansado, tomemos un tacho. / I’m tired, let’s take a cab.

TINTO (noun)

Slang Tinto Red Wine Buenos Aires Argentina
Meaning: Red Wine
Example: La noche esta hermosa, ¿abrimos un tinto? / The night is beautiful, shall we open bottle of red wine?

BOLUDO (adj.)

Slang Boludo Buenos Aires Argentina
Literal meaning: From “bolas” (ball) and “boleadoras”, a type of throwing weapon, made of polished rocks and interconnected with a leather cord. 
Slang: Fool, idiot. Also, a meaningless interjection
Example: No seas boludo, no te podés perder este evento. / Don’t be an idiot, you can’t miss this event.


Slang Che Hey Buenos Aires Argentina
Slang: Hey, hey you. Also, a meaningless interjection.
Example: Che, ¿no tenés cambio? / Hey, do you have any change?

PUCHO (noun)

Slang Pucho Cigarette Buenos Aires Argentina
Meaning: Cigarette
Example: ¿Me convidás un pucho? / Can I bum a smoke?

Keep this list handy and polish your Lunfardo (slang) at the comfort of your StayUnico Home. Impress Porteños away!


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