Oct 23rd, 2017

Some Much Needed Slang: Part 2

Whether you’re looking to expand your vocab or truly blend in with Porteños, this list will prove to be very useful. Take note and get to speak like a local!

Some Much Needed Slang: Part 2

BONDI (noun)

Slang Buenos Aires Bondi Colectivo Bus
Origin: One theory states that “Bondi” is a diminutive of the word albóndiga (meat ball) referencing the roundish shape of the old buses in Buenos Aires.
Slang: Bus
Example: ¿Vamos caminando o nos tomamos un bondi? / Should we walk or take a bus?

BIRRA (noun)

Slang Buenos Aires Birra Cerveza Beer
Italian word for beer
Slang: Beer
Example: Me vendría bien una birra ahora. / I could really use a beer right now.


Slang Buenos Aires Chamuyar Sweet Talk Flirt
To chat up. Smooth-talking to somebody in a flirtatious way. To lie, pretending to know about a subject to impress when in reality they don’t have a clue.
Example: Este porteño que acabo de conocer no para de chamuyarme. / This porteño I just met won’t stop sweet-talking to me.

MORFAR (verb)

Slang Buenos Aires Morfar Comer Eat
Origin: From the French slang “morfer”, to eat
Slang: To eat, in a hearty, voracious way.
Example: Se fueron a morfar algo porque estaban muertos de hambre. / They went off to grab a bite because they were starving.


Slang Buenos Aires Quilombo Mess Clutter
Was used in the past to refer to brothels in Buenos Aires
Slang: A mess
Example: Tu casa es un quilombo, deberías ordenar un poco. / Your house is a mess, you should clean up a little.

CHETO (adj.)

Slang Buenos Aires Cheto Posh
Posh, snob
Example: Tengo que dejar de ver a este chico, es demasiado cheto y solo quiere ir a boliches caros. / I need to stop seeing this guy, he’s too posh and only wants to go to expensive clubs.

GALLINA (adj.)

Slang Buenos Aires Gallina Chicken River Plate Fans
Literal meaning: Chicken
Slang: River Plate (soccer team) fan
Example: River acaba de ganar el partido y la calle está llena de gallinas festejando. / River just won the game and the streets are full of River fans celebrating.

PREVIA (noun)

Slang Buenos Aires Previa Pre Game Pre Drinks
Literal meaning: Prior
Slang: Pre-drinks, pre-game
Example: Hoy sale previa en lo de Juan! / Today we’ll do pre-game at Juan’s!


Slang Buenos Aires Chusmear Gossip
To gossip
Example: Muchas mujeres se juntan solo para chusmear! / A lot of women get together just to gossip!
Adj.: Chusma

TRAPITO (noun)

Slang Buenos Aires Trapito Car Parking
Literal meaning:
Little rag
Origin: People who stand in a corner and charge you to park your car on the street, who use a “little rag” to give you directions.
Example: ¡Este trapito me cobra más caro que un garage! / This “trapito” is charging me more than a garage!
We can think of few finer places to polish your lunfardo (slang) than at the comfort of your StayUnico Home. For more tips like this, make sure you check out our first Much Needed Slang Post! More to come soon!


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